Project Description


We have worked a lot on ZOHO Creator and we have created so many applications on ZOHO Creator. We have working on ZOHO CRM from the start and we have built too many application on zoho creator and that too from scratch. We have listed our previous projects below.

Appointment Application

We have created an appointment application in zoho creator. It contains a dentists section where all the dentists details are available with their availability time. On the customer’s form, customers can see all the dentist lists with their timing and can book appointments according to their ease. We created a well designed interface for this application.

Subscription Based Application

We have also built a creator application where we have to make a subscription based application. In this application users can buy a subscription for the service given by the company. In this project we had integrated the Razorpay payment gateway to the creator application.

Working with APIs

We have worked on many REST APIs of different application and also integrated ZOHO Creator with 3rd party applications using REST APIs.