Project Description


We have worked on a bigger project that is of Australia. We have customized the whole CRM system for them to organize their customers into the CRM. For that project We have made automated tasks, workflows, buttons for different functionalities. It was a long project and We have done it with all my skills and provided them the best for that.

ZOHO Creator

We have done so many projects in ZOHO Creator. We have listed down all the projects.
1. We have created an appointment application in ZOHO o creator that is one of my small projects. It contains a dentists section where all the dentists details are available with their availability time. On the customer’s form, customers can see all the dentist lists with their timing and can book appointments according to their ease.
2. We have also built a creator application where We have to make a subscription based application. In this application users can buy a subscription for the service given by the company. In this project We had integrated the Razorpay payment gateway to the creator application.

ZOHO Campaign

We have also worked on ZOHO Campaigns to send emails to the contacts in the CRM and also checked the response of the emails if contacts are opening the emails or not and also checked if someone has clicked any link into email or not? We have used ZOHO Campaigns workflows for this. Also We have fetched Campaign details using ZOHO Campaigns API.

3rd Party Integration With ZOHO

We have done lot of 3rd party integrations with ZOHO. Some of them are mentioned below:-

1. We have also done integration of websites using ZOHO APIs. We fetched the information of web-forms on the websites and pulled the data of that form into the CRM using Curl.
2. We have also done SMS service provider integration with ZOHO. For this we used the APIs of SMS service providers and with the help of that we sent the messages to the customers.
3.I have also done WhatsApp integration using a 3rd party app. I used the extension in the ZOHO CRM for integrating them.